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Please take a moment to read the information below before signing up for Arts on the Common 2008

-sign up form has been taken down. See you next year!-

Welcome local artists to what hopes to be a fun and profitable day on Burlington Common. The Cultural Council appreciates your interest and hopes that all of our planning will help make the day go smoothly and provide both artists and community members with a culturally enriching opportunity.

To assure maximum success we are providing you with information that will help you plan your set-up and provide safety and comfort throughout the day.

If we are unlucky enough to have rain on Saturday (Aug 23) we will set-up our displays on Sunday (Aug 24). If it continues to rain into Sunday, we must cancel the event.

Artists can arrive at any time of the morning to find their space and set-up. (A guide map will be provided with artist’s names and space numbers).

If you need to transport anything onto the Common by vehicle you may only enter the Common via the small roadway across from the Post Office (See map and vehicle entrance). YOU MUST ARRIVE EARLY so that your vehicle can be removed from the site by 9:00 am. Please drive very slowly and with great care. All vehicles (except for those who have made prior arrangements) must be off the Common by 9:00 am. This is VERY important and will be enforced.

After set-up you may park behind the Town Hall, on top of the Hill of Simonds Park, the Post Office (after 12:00 noon), or the Recreation Center.

As most artists know, you must provide your own shade (umbrella or pop-up tent) and equipment such as chairs and tables (including any tools necessary for set up). All Cultural Council members will be setting up their own areas and will not be able to assist you with your set-up. Please bring friends or relatives to assist you.

Those artists who made prior arrangements to rent tables & chairs should see a BCC member to pick up their rentals and pay the fee if they haven’t already.

Set-up must be completed one half hour before the event begins (9:30 am). All tools should be secured and kept away from visitors and ALL VEHICLES MUST LEAVE THE COMMON. This will prevent theft and injuries.

As many of us will be dealing with money it would be a good idea to have a lock box with cash and change that you have acquired ahead of time.

Artists are expected to remain on the Common until 3:00 pm.Trash must be thrown away in the closest receptacle. Display areas must be left “pristine” with all personal items removed by 4:00 pm.

Rest rooms are provided at the Town Hall Annex. 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

First aide will be available as we are across from both the Fire Station and Police Station.

Any further questions, you can e-mail me at wdlittle47@hotmail.com or call 978.663.6771. or (cell) 508.397.8597
Thank you again for your support and cooperation.